Photography and Videography

The pages under this heading contain galleries of pictures I have taken over the years, and more recently, videos that I have made. There is also an introduction to Lightroom, and galleries from my Instagram and Flickr pages. 

I also try to regularly add posts about photo projects or days out (although this has not happened so much recently!)

I currently take shots with a Canon 70D or my phone, and sometimes with a Canon 600D. Post-processing is carried out in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, various Topaz plugins and the old Google NIK Collection. These are links to the product pages – other products are available, I’m not being paid to endorse these products 🙂 . I am open to offers though…

I’ve not taken pictures at re-enactments for a while as I’ve been taking part instead. Making big bangs with muskets rather than shooting with Canons 🙂 I have been using my phone to take more pictures recently. First a Nexus 5x and then a Cubot Power (rubbish as a camera) and most recently a Pixel 4a.

I have also started to spend more time making short videos and have added a DJI Osmo Action and Insta360 One X2 to the equipment, and I am currently using Movavi Video Suite to edit the videos.

Canon 70D
Sigma Lenses
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Creative Cloud
Movavi Video Suite
Pixel 4a
DJI Osmo Action
Insta360 One X2

I put my videos on YouTube – although you may also find extra clips on my Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Jeff’s YouTube channel

If you have any comments, constructive criticism is always welcome.

I hope you find something you like here, if you are in one and you’d like a copy contact me. I won’t print it for you but I’ll hopefully be able to send you a jpg that you can get printed on one of the many online photo printing websites that are around.