Kodak Autographic Brownie Camera


The pages under this heading contain galleries of pictures I have taken over the years, an introduction to Lightroom, and galleries from my Instagram and Flickr pages. 

I also try to regularly add posts about photo projects or days out:

I currently take shots with a Canon 70D or my phone, and sometimes with a Canon 600D. Post processing is carried out in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and the Google NIK Collection. These are links to the product pages – other products are available, I’m not being paid to endorse these products 🙂 . I am open to offers though…

I’ve not taken pictures at re-enactments for a while as I’ve been taking part instead. Making big bangs with muskets rather than shooting with Canons 🙂 I have been using my phone to take more pictures recently. It’s a Nexus 5x. Using the Open Camera App, you can take pictures in raw format which can easily be imported into the Lightroom catalog.

Canon 70D
Sigma Lenses
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Creative Cloud
Google Nik Collection
Nexus 5x
Open Camera App

If you have any comments, constructive criticism is always welcome.

I hope you find something you like here, if you are in one and you’d like a copy contact me. I won’t print it for you but I’ll hopefully be able to send you a jpg that you can get printed on one of the many online photo printing websites that are around.


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