I have been taking part in 17th century re-enactment for over 30 years now and still regularly can be found firing my musket at events. I am interested in other periods but getting a whole load of extra kit could be off putting! I’d quite like to have a go in some armour one day…

Jeff, The Musketeer

These pages contain two old articles – How to be an Artilleryman and How to be a Musketeer – that I wrote and first put on the world wide web in 1996 at our original website at and then at They are a little out of date in terms of the processes involved in getting your test to be able to take part in Sealed Knot events (and I have no idea if they meet the requirements of other organisations).

Hopefully I’ll add some more articles to this as and when I think of a suitable subject. There are plenty of photographs of re-enactments to be found on this website.

Video: Loading and firing a musket.