General Historic content – some may relate to family or other interests and some may just be stuff I find interesting

 Topics may include:

  • Modern History – stuff that happened in my lifetime
  • Changing Landscapes – how transport systems have affected the landscape
  • WW2/WW1 – social history
  • Edwardian period – railway expansion and related civil engineering, fashion/tailoring – WDF Vincent
  • 17th Century – it’s been my hobby for many years

but then again they may not…


The Cardiff Railway

At the turn of the last century, at the height of Cardiff's importance in the world - the place where ...
Map showing Cardiff Railway crossing Rhymney Railway at Taffs Wells

Cardiff Railway map

I created this map by overlaying the modern OpenStreetMap with the OS 1:25,000 1937-1961 map (courtesy of the National Library ...

WDF Vincent

W.D.F. Vincent – Tailor and Journalist

W.D.F. Vincent[b. June 1860 d. June 1926] ...
Book Cover: Tailoring of the Belle Epoque

More about W.D.F. Vincent

W.D.F. Vincent b. 18 June 1860 d. 18 June 1926 Introduction by Betty Williams from "Tailoring of the Belle Epoque" ...
Cutting Academy Flyer

The Noble Army of Tailors

These chapters appear towards the end of the original handbook, however as it gives a context to the numbers of ...
/ Edwardian Tailoring, Tailoring, WDF Vincent
Frontspiece of the Tailor's Handbook

The Tailor’s Handbook of Useful Information

This book was originally published in about 1905. Over time I hope to add some of the contents of it ...
/ Edwardian Tailoring, Tailoring, WDF Vincent
Cutting Academy Flyer

The Advantages of Tailoring

This is the first part of the The Tailor's Handbook of Useful Information which mostly exhorts the health benefits of ...
/ Edwardian Tailoring, Tailoring, WDF Vincent
Private Lawler

The Ninth Part of a Man

This is the second part of the book - I have added some links at the end to provide further ...
External Anatomy

External Anatomy

This is third part of the book - dealing with External Anatomy and the Proportions of the Body External anatomy ...
/ Edwardian Tailoring, Tailoring, WDF Vincent
History of Costume from Tailors Handbook

History and Philosophy of Clothes

This is from the fourth to the seventh parts of the the handbook looking at the history and philosophy of ...
"The Bedlam of Creation", illustration depicting Diogenes Teufelsdroch in Monmouth Street

Origins of clothes and writings for tailors

This is from the the eighth to the thirteenth parts of the handbook, looking at what, today, would be seen ...
The Jute Plant

Where do the materials to make clothes come from – part one

This is from the fourteenth and fifteenth parts of the handbook, starting to look at where the materials used for ...

Where do the materials to make clothes come from – part two

This is from the sixteenth part of the handbook, finishing the look at where the materials used for making our ...

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