The Tailor’s Handbook of Useful Information

This book was originally published in about 1905. Over time I hope to add some of the contents of it to this website. They won’t necessarily be in the original order or include all the contents, but I hope that what I do include will be of interest to historians of the tailoring trade during the Edwardian period.


The Tailor’s Handbook of Useful Information

on Social, Literary, Historical, Practical and Scientific Subjects.
by W.D.F. Vincent

Author of The “Cutter’s Practical Guide” and Numerous Works on Tailoring.
Editor of The “Tailor and Cutter.”

The Tailor's Handbook front cover 

Author’s Preface

— : o : —

This book was written for the youths of our trade, but as we review it’s pages we venture to hope for it a very much wider circle of readers, for we believe there is much in it that is both interesting and instructive to the tailoring trade as a whole.

We believe it is the duty of every man to know all he possibly can about the trade or profession to which he belongs, and the contents of this book are the outcome of much diligent study and research on many directions. Books of all sorts have been ransacked, information has been obtained from manufacturers and merchants. The teachings of all ages and many countries have been utilised. We hope the result will have its influence on the growth of general culture and intellectual observation on the part of all branches of the trade.


W. D. F. Vincent.

Authors Preface