Family History

These pages exist to tell the story of some members of the Vincent Family

Some were written by the people themselves and some have been pieced together from other documentation.

This branch of the Vincents originates from Dorset – word of mouth history within the family was that we descended from French Huguenots. I’ve not researched back that far but we have a past history of protestantism and non-conformism that would support that theory.

Of course there are many other surnames within my family but, for now, I’m keeping to Vincent.

Jean Vincent (Stephens)

Jean Vincent – World War 2 memories

WORLD WAR 2 by Jean Vincent (née Stephens). This was written by her for use by some primary school children ...
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Dr W Vincent

(Son of W.D.F. Vincent) William Henry Vincent [b. 1886 d. 1931] The following is taken from a handwritten notebook by ...
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J. K. R. Vincent

John Vincent – Air Gunner, Halifax LW280

FS J.K.R. Vincent - a lucky escape In all the histories of WWII very little mention is made of the ...
J. K. R. Vincent

John Vincent and the last flight of Halifax LL307 (NF-J)

"The noisy Halifax flies over the English Channel and tests its machine guns. Our three men, alone in the cabin ...
Capt LJ Vincent RAMC Mesopotamia 1917-1920

Dr L J Vincent

Both the sons of the succesful tailor and journalist, WDF Vincent went to medical school. The younger, Jack, played an ...
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WDF Vincent

W.D.F. Vincent – Tailor and Journalist

W.D.F. Vincent[b. June 1860 d. June 1926] ...
L. W. Vincent RAF

L.W. Vincent – wartime service

My time in the Royal Air Force 1943-45 Bill Vincent ...
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Book Cover: Tailoring of the Belle Epoque

More about W.D.F. Vincent

W.D.F. Vincent b. 18 June 1860 d. 18 June 1926 Introduction by Betty Williams from "Tailoring of the Belle Epoque" ...