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Map of the area around the Cardiff Railway / Glamorganshire canal crossing

Cardiff Railway extra content

When I put "to be continued" at the bottom of my page about the Cardiff Railway, I hadn't meant to ...
Python Code used in file downloads

Downloading videos from the camera onto the computer

Having been a long time user of Lightroom I've got used to using it to download the pictures I take ...
/ computer science, Lightroom, Video
Dr LJ Vincent RAMC Mesopotamia 1917-1920

Family History – Dr LJ Vincent

I've added a new page to the family history area for Dr Jack Vincent and his medical involvment in two ...
/ Family History, People, WW1, WW2
J. K. R. Vincent

Family History – John Vincent

I have updated the pages relating to John Vincent. More information has been added and links updated. Just before D-day, ...
Cardiff Metropolitan University Crest

Where have I got to? pt 2

Some time ago I wrote a post about my starting to do a degree. I finished it last year and ...
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Pedestrian subway in the woods - Pentyrch Tramway

Hyperlapse Video along old railway line

I took a walk along the course of the old Pentyrch and Melingriffith Tramway and filmed it using hyperlapse. EDIT: ...
Still from video of Flintlock Musket being fired

Slow motion musket firing

Two years after deciding to strap an action camera to a musket as it is fired, I finally got the ...
Jean Vincent (Stephens)

Family History – Jean Vincent

I've added a new page to the Family History for Jean Vincent's WW2 memories, which was something she wrote for ...
/ Family History, People, WW2
View of forked lightning directly overhead

Thunder and Lightning

We had a rare experience the other day of lots of lightning (and some thunder) - this gave plenty of ...
/ Cardiff, lightning, Video
still from To Kill a KIng 1649

I’m still here!

Looking back over the the last few months of staying at home it occurs that I still haven't managed to ...
/ Re-enactors, Video
Cardiff Metropolitan University Crest

Where have I got to?

It's been a long time since I did anything new here - there is a reason. Last year I started ...
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Upton Upon Severn Folk Festival 2018

It’s been a while, but here’s some video

It is a long time since I posted here. Life gets in the way and I haven't even taken many ...
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