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When I put “to be continued” at the bottom of my page about the Cardiff Railway, I hadn’t meant to leave it 8 years to continue, but I’ve now added a few more photos through Taffs Well and incorporated links to the videos shown below into the article.

This was prompted by my travelling past the never connected endpoint of the line near Treforest the other day. The earthworks there still seem to be in place, still unused after more than 100 years. Read the article and find out why…

In November I made a couple of quick videos:

One is a ride by of Glan-y-Llyn Station – and shows that the station building and one platform face are still clearly still there

1937 1:25,000 OS map of Glan-y-Llyn Station
1937 1:25,000 OS map extract of Glan-y-Llyn Station on the Cardiff Railway from

The other (hopefully) shows how the landscape around the railway’s crossing of the Glamorganshire canal has been dramatically altered by the arrival of new roads, whilst retaining quite a lot of the original infrastructure.

Llwn-y-mellt lock Forest Farm
Remains of Glamorganshire Canal just before it was crossed the Cardiff Railway

In March, I created some maps of the route of the line and added some additional words to the main article.

Map showing Cardiff Railway crossing Rhymney Railway at Taffs Wells
Sample of map created showing the route of the Cardiff Railway

The Cardiff Railway

Route of the Cardiff Railway