I decided to bring my different websites together in one place to make it easier to keep everything up to date.

I have thought long and hard on the name for this website. After a number of years as “Vincents.org.uk – …the past and present of the Vincent Family”, I decided on:

“The Vincent Conglomeration – a number of different things that are grouped together”

Conglomoration - The Definition
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Family History is important – many people spend time compiling family trees but it is good to know something of how our ancestors lived and to keep stories from their lives. I have also started to include extracts from Tailoring publications written by my great-grandfather, which I hope will be of interest to those of you studying late Victorian / Edwardian costume. 

I’ve been doing re-enactment with the Sealed Knot for many years where I sometimes take photos and sometimes fire muskets.
The Sealed Knot

I enjoy going to other re-enactment events where I also have been known to take the odd photo.


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