The Digital Garage

2017 is upon us and I’ve been to some Google Digital Garage Seminars that will hopefully help me improve my website and to add some knowledge to go with the Google Online Marketing Fundamentals Certificate I gained at the Digital Garage last November.

  • Tell Your Story Online
  • Reach New Customers Online
  • Know Your Business With Analytics

You can find out more about them and the digital certification here:

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…did you know that most Google* searches are now made from mobile devices? *other search engines are available (but nowhere near as many people use them).

Google are keen to promote websites being mobile friendly (which apparently this website is) and impress upon us the need for pages to load quickly. Unfortunately I don’t do so well on those scores – a mixture of WordPress (and I am maybe using too many plugins!) and my host’s slower servers don’t seem to help there, but it will be something that I will continue to work on improving.

[onebox url=”” title=”Test how mobile-friendly your site is” description=”Find out how well your site works across mobile and desktop devices.”]